DC1 Dynamometer Controller required peripherals

With the controller you will receive terminal block connector set for sensors and actuators connection. HDMI – micro HDMI converter is also included. Following peripherals needs to be bought separately:

  • IEC C13 power supply cable (PC computer cable)
  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse – recommended with scroll wheel and third button in the wheel
  • Display compatible with HDMI connector and suitable signal cable. Minimum and recommended display resolution is Full HD (1920×1080).

It is possible to connect the controller to a TV or digital projector with HDMI support. If a problem with trimmed desktop or black borders occurs, please change “overscan” settings. (Menu / Preferences / Raspberry Pi Configuration / System / Overscan).

Speed sensor and signal wheel is required for making new measurements. The required sensor count depends on the count of independently rotating dyno elements.

Dyno typeRequired speed sensor count
Engine dyno1
2WD chassis dyno1
4WD chassis dyno with mechanical axis synchronization1
4WD chassis dyno without mechanical axis connection2
2WD hub dyno2
4WD hub dyno – DC1E4 required4

To create absorption dyno, following parts are required:

  • Absorption unit – simple and well performing solution is an eddy current brake. It’s also possible to use other types of units, for example a water brake.
  • Load cell – absorption unit torque sensor
  • BD1 Brake power supply – module used to amplify load cell signal and power the eddy current brake

If an absorption unit, other than an eddy current brake, is used, there is no need for BD1 power supply. Load cell signal can be amplified with LCA1 standalone amplifier.
Maximum four absorption units are supported for any dyno type.