DC series Dynamometer Controller peripheral devices

The dyno controller is equipped with a bunch of interfaces that allow connection of peripheral devices. Here are some examples of interfaces and devices that work with the controller:

Ethernet / Wi-Fi

  • Remote connection to the controller from another computer or tablet for control and parameter view
  • Internet connection available on the controller


  • Wireless OBD interface for gathering data from vehicle OBD port
OBD - Bluetooth interface


  • Input devices: mouse, keyboard, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse
  • Wireless pointing device for remote control (i.e. Logitech R400)
  • Wired OBD interface
  • Printers

Digital / Analog inputs

  • Switches and knobs that can activate and regulate software functions
Dynamometer control through mechanical knobs and switches

CAN bus interfaces

  • Output devices – actuators – Ecumaster Dual H-Bridge
  • Display devices – automotive dashboards – Ecumaster ADU
  • Any external logging or control device – the output format is easily and fully programmable
  • Input devices – unlimited number of AFR / Lambda sensor controllers – Ecumaster Lambda to CAN
  • CAN bus keypads to remotely control software functions – check out high quality keypads from Blink Marine
  • Car CAN bus – data parsing is easy to set up and fully programmable
  • Motorsport standalone ECU data streams. Any data stream can be parsed to physical quantities. Currently, premade stream decoders are available for the following ECU manufacturers:
    • ABIT
    • AEM
    • DTA
    • Ecumaster
    • Emerald
    • EMtron
    • Haltech
    • Holley
    • Hondata
    • KMS
    • LifeRacing
    • Link ECU
    • MaxxECU
    • MBE
    • Megasquirt
    • Motec M1
    • Motec M800
    • Pectel SQ6
    • Pro EFI
    • SCS
    • Syvecs
    • Trijekt
    • Vi-PEC

Currently, available stream decoders are available for download here.

Video presentation peripherals interaction with DC1

Peripheral devices for DC1 Dyno Controller presentation.