LCA1 Load Cell Amplifier specification and manual

LCA1 Load Cell Amplifier is a device used to provide excitation voltage for a load cell and amplify low voltage load cell signal to a level suitable for 0-5V analog inputs. The LCA1 is designed to provide highly precise amplification of load cell signal for use with DC1 series dyno controllers. It can also be used with other controllers. Gain is adjusted to allow 20% load cell overload without clipping with 2mV/V load cell and DC1 controller. The amplifier is enclosed in a standard DIN rail enclosure.

Power supply4V ÷ 13V DC
Maximum power consumption
with 350Ohm load cell
Zero load output voltageREF + 2.5V
Load cell excitation voltage10V
Excitation output current capacity0.1A
Signal output impedance100Ohm
Signal output voltage swing1.2V ÷ 8.8V
Load cell signal amplification106
(50÷1000 adjustable version available upon request)
Environment temperature range−20°C ÷ 50°C
Operating humidity0%-95% without condensation


VINPositive power supply input
OUTAmplified signal output
REFOutput signal reference ground. Connect to controller ground. For maximum accuracy don’t share wire with power supply ground.
GNDPower supply ground
GNDGround terminal for load cell cable shield connection
V-Load cell excitation –
S-Load cell signal –
S+Load cell signal +
V+Load cell excitation +
Load cell amplifier wiring diagram
Reference wiring diagram for LCA1