Case studies

  • Bosch FLA206 upgrade
    This time the upgrade target was a German classic: Bosch FLA206. It’s a very popular 4×4 braked dyno from Bosch. Some of you may also know the Bosch FLA203 which is the 2WD version of the dyno. The stock control system has some time on its clock. It runs from a 3½-inch floppy disk. In… Read more: Bosch FLA206 upgrade
  • Dynocom DYNO X upgrade
    This November, I visited Freaks Motorsport tuning company in Belgrade, Serbia. The task was to make wiring, setup and calibration to run AWD Dynocom DYNO X dyno on PEREK controller. We decided to replace the speed sensors and load cells. The owner received the package from me, so he could manufacture all required mechanical adaptations… Read more: Dynocom DYNO X upgrade
  • Water brake chassis dyno restoration – VIGA Auto Tuning
    Task: VIGA Auto Tuning is a specialist tuning shop in south Poland that acquired an old water brake chassis dynamometer. The stock control system for the dyno was outdated and out of order. PEREK dynamometer controller were contacted to provide a cost-effective solution to get the dyno working. Solution: The water brake was fitted with… Read more: Water brake chassis dyno restoration – VIGA Auto Tuning
  • Absorption engine dynamometer – AQUARIUS ENGINES
    Industry leader in modern power generators AQUARIUS ENGINES develops its high-efficiency engine on the engine dynamometer, based on PEREK and Ecumaster products. The stand was designed and made by the Świątek company. Task: AQUARIUS ENGINES needed a tool to work on an innovative motor for power generators. It was required to be able to load… Read more: Absorption engine dynamometer – AQUARIUS ENGINES
  • ATV Dyno – Rafał Sonik
    Polish entrepreneur and winner of the Dakar Rally Rafał Sonik is a Polish entrepreneur who has been winning in quad rallies since 2001, including the famous Dakar Rally. Task: Rafał’s team independently built an inertial dynamometer dedicated to work on ATVs. The dyno is compact and convenient to carry when it is not needed. It… Read more: ATV Dyno – Rafał Sonik
  • Chassis dyno – Ecumaster
    Automotive electronics manufacturer Ecumaster is one of the fastest growing companies in the motorsport and tuning electronics industry. PEREK works closely with Ecumaster, developing intelligent electronic solutions for the automotive industry. Task: The dyno was controlled by software running on an outdated computer. Upgrading the computer was impossible due to the software’s compatibility only with… Read more: Chassis dyno – Ecumaster