Dyno2 Dynamometer Software – throttle control

Throttle control in connection with Ecumaster EMU Black engine control unit is possible. To use the control, CAN channel (physical output) that is connected with EMU Black must be selected in SETTINGS / Throttle control

Dyno controller CAN bus configuration for throttle control

Throttle control must be enabled in the EMU Black software by checking Enable CAN control option in DBW – Parameters. CAN ID must be the same in dyno controller and the ECU.

Ecumaster EMU Black Engine Control Unit configuration for throttle control from dynamometer controller.

The CAN bus must be set to the same speed in both devices and must be equipped with terminating resistors. It is possible to enable built in terminating resistors with software in both devices.

Dyno controller CAN channel settings
CAN bus settings in SETTINGS / Dyno settings tab.
EMU Black CAN configuration for throttle control.
CAN bus settings in Ecumaster EMU Black device.