Dyno2 Dynamometer Software – project management

Dyno2 software is equipped with powerful project and runs database that can contain lots of information about your projects. Project can be activated, for creating new runs, with double click. New projects can be created from right click menu on project list.

  1. Project list
  2. Tab containing runs assigned to selected project
  3. Tab with project configuration data
  4. Tab with project picture
  5. List of runs in selected project (when RUNS tab is selected)

Regarding the projects, two terms are used: selection and activation.

A project is selected with a single click in the project list. Tabs in the lower part of the window show runs assigned to the selected project and configuration details of the selected project.

A project is activated with a double click in the project list. New runs that you make in the RUN tab are assigned to the active project.

Information visible in project table and PROJECT DATA tab can be customized. Visibility in table end editor can be toggled. You can enter a default value for new project and select your preferred unit. The decimal field defines how many decimal places for the value will be displayed. Negative decimals value will activate scientific notation.

Project fields that have special importance

Lots of project configuration fields have only informational meaning for your reference, but there are some of these that are used for power calculation or for other software functions.

Vehicle IDBasic identification for project. It is shown in title bar and default report.
Frontal Area
Cx drag coefficient
Used for road simulation test.
Used for slip estimation
Engine efficiency
Engine correction factor
Used for engine power correction calculation based on ambient conditions.
Vehicle type
Fuel type
Cylinder count
Engine cycle
Used for engine inertia estimation
Engine inertiaInertia connected with engine rotating parts. It can be estimated by right-clicking the field.
DT inertiaInertia connected with drivetrain rotating parts – mainly wheels. It can be estimated by right-clicking from wheels size.
Gearbox typeUsed to estimate DT loss factor
DT loss factorPercent of engine power that is lost due to gearbox efficiency. Suggested values:
Manual gearbox: 3-8%
Hydrokinetic torque converter: 10-20%
Mechanical CVT gearbox: 7-13%
Projects customization

Every project contains its own runs. Runs can be analyzed with double click. Clicked runs appear in ANALYZE tab.
Runs are saved in files in /home/pi/.dyno2/runs directory. The run file contains all information required to open it on another device. The database contains only metadata required to organize your projects and runs.

Projects and runs database in dyno software

Information visible for every run can be customized in similar way as for projects.

Run information customization in dyno software

Here is an instruction video on how to create a new project and make measurement.

Dyno2 Projects and Runs management
Runs and projects, sorting and filtering.
Vehicle database