Electronic solutions for dynamometers

The PEREK company was founded in 2019 based on many years of experience in mechatronic engineering and designing electronic systems for the automotive industry. We constantly expand our offer in the field electronic solutions for dynamometers. We create our products both for professional testing rig and for hobbyists who want to inexpensively equip their own dyno with an electronic measurement system.

As motorsport and modern technologies enthusiasts, we take care to meet the needs of our customers both in terms of electronic devices and the provided software.

If you want to upgrade your outdated dynamometer or you are looking for a measurement system for a newly built device, please contact us. We will certainly offer a solution that will meet your needs.


    Company details

    PEREK Ronald Perek
    Nieznanowice 125
    32-420 Gdów

    VAT ID: PL6832043276
    REGON: 382389565

    tel.: +48 690 328 455