BD1 eddy current brake power supply interface

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BD1 interface is an essential device used to power eddy current dyno brake. It carries out the following tasks:

  • Mains AC to DC conversion to power the brake winding.
  • Brake power regulation according to received logic-level PWM signal.
  • Load cell signal amplification to 0-5V level.


  • Supply: 85-305VAC, 50-60Hz, 1-3 phase
  • Brake peak current 32A
  • Thermal protection
  • Maximum PWM signal frequency: 2500Hz



Supply 85-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1-3 phase
Brake peak current 32A
Brake continuous current 16A@50°C ambient
17.5A@40°C ambient
20A@25°C ambient
Maximum PWM modulation frequency 2500Hz
Maximum PWM input voltage (CTRL, CTRL INV) 24V
ON threshold for CTRL input >3.5V
ON threshold for CTRL INV input <1.5V
CTRL / CTRL INV leakage current <5mA
+5V output current capacity 0.3A
LCOUT load cell output impedance 100Ohm
LCOUT load cell output voltage swing 1.2V – 3.8V
Load cell signal amplification older devices: g=495
(no info on label)new devices: g=106
(indicated on the label)
Environment temperature range −20°C – 50°C
Internal thermal protection threshold 100°C
Operating humidity 0%-95% without condensation
Dimensions 18cm x 13cm x 9.5cm
Mass 607g

Full specification and instruction manual

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