COS1 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor with analog output.



Output: 0-5V
Supply: 10-30VDC
Range: 0-1000ppm
Cable length: 150cm

Connection to DC series controller:

Brown : supply + : +12V supply
Black : supply – : Analog input GND (-)
Green : signal – : Analog input GND (-)
Blue : signal + : Analog input signal (S)

With use of carbon monoxide sensor, you can monitor concentration of this poisonous gas in your dyno cell. Based on the reading you can display warnings, alarms and automatically start ventilation fan. Carbon monoxide is produced while running an engine inside a closed dyno cell without proper ventilation.

Effects of carbon monoxide in relation to the concentration in parts per million in the air:
Concentration Symptoms
35 ppm Headache and dizziness within six to eight hours of constant exposure
100 ppm Slight headache in two to three hours
200 ppm Slight headache within two to three hours; loss of judgment
400 ppm Frontal headache within one to two hours
800 ppm Dizziness, nausea, and convulsions within 45 min; insensible within 2 hours
1600 ppm Headache, increased heart rate, dizziness, and nausea within 20 min; death in less than 2 hours

In the United States, the OSHA limits long-term workplace exposure levels above 50 ppm.

Carbon monoxide safety in dyno cell


Q: Do I need external power supply for the sensor?
A: The sensor can be powered directly from the DC controller. Unfortunately not from the analog input, where there is only +5V, but from some other connector. DC1E4 has a separate +12V power connector. In DC1L you can steal some +12V from frequency input connector.

Q: I breathed out to the sensor. Should there be a change in reading?
A: No. You breathe out around 4-5% of CO₂, but only around 1PPM of CO. If you want to test the sensor quickly, put it near a running car exhaust.