EMC filter


EMC filter for reduction of interference conduction to mains power supply grid.


The EMC filter is used to reduce conducted interference to the power supply grid from devices like BD eddy brake power supplies or VFD (Variable Frequency Drive).


  • Application: 3 phase power supply
  • Rated current: 16A / 25A / 36A @ 40 °C
  • Rated voltage: 480VAC, 50/60Hz

Dimensions and connections:

  • 16A / 25A : drawing 1C
  • 36A : drawing 1D-6

Filter selection for BD model assuming 3 phase supply:

  • BD3-22.5A – filter 16A
  • BD3-30A – filter 25A
  • BD3-45A – filter 36A
  • BD2 – filter 25A


Additional information


16A, 25A, 36A