Desktop Number Widgets -Adjustment of Unit label font size

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If possible I think it would be nice to have some control over the size of the unit label text in the number widgets.
I use quite large size widgets so I can clearly see the data I want from the drivers seat (chassis dyno), but I find the unit labels take up a whole lot more screen realestate than they really need too. My screen is 27# 1080P but I can only get channels across the width. On my last system I could fit 3 channels across and still comfortably read them. Even an option to turn the labels off would be good. While we are on the subject – maybe a choice of font for the number widget? I think some of me problem is the default font may be a little more difficult to read than my previous system so im using lager sizes. Neither of these are big concerns for me, just something I thought worth suggesting having more flexibility of fonts impacted performance or other functionality then I would be happy to just put up with it.

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