Heavy duty pressure sensor

369,00 300,00 excl. tax

Heavy-duty, Honeywell pressure sensor compatible with automotive fluids and air.

Pressure range: 6 bar
Supply voltage: 5 V

Connector and terminals included.


Heavy duty, media-isolated, stainless steel, absolute pressure sensor. Can be used to measure automotive fluids or air pressure.

Connector and terminals included.

  • Housing: stainless steel
  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Accuracy: 0.75%
  • Temperature range: -40°C – 125°C
  • Output: ratiometric, 0.5V – 4.5V
  • Supply voltage: 5V (immune to 40V transient voltage)
  • Short circuit and mis-wiring protection
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Connection: G1/4 A-G (ISO 1179-3) thread with o-ring
  • Nominal pressure: 6bar
  • Operating pressure 24bar
  • Burst pressure: 207bar
  • Calibration:
    • 0.5V: 0bar absolute
    • 4.5V: 6bar absolute
  • Compatible media: water, hydraulic fluids, air, oil, gas, steam, refrigerants, gasoline, diesel fuel, engine oil, brake fluid, coolants, CNG