HS2 speed sensor


HS2 is a hall type speed sensor. It is used to measure rotational speed with use of ferromagnetic, toothed wheel.

  • Enclosure: IP67, M12x1
  • Supply: 5-24VDC, 3mA
  • Signal: Open collector, up to 15kHz


HS2 is Hall type speed sensor. Is is used to measure rotational speed of shaft with use of ferromagnetic toothed wheel.


Vibration resistance 15 g, 40 Hz – 2 kHz
Maximum frequency 15 kHz
Temperature range -40 °C to 125 °C
Ingress Protection rating IP67
Supply 5-24 VDC, 3mA
Output Open collector, 20mA max


Material Anodized aluminum
Dimensions Thread: M12x1, length: 65.5mm
Wire length 1m


Brown wire Supply +
Blue wire Supply – (ground)
Black wire Signal output

Suggested toothed wheel dimensions

Tooth height 5 mm
Tooth width 2.5 mm
Tooth gap 10 mm
Wheel thickness 6 mm
Wheel material Cold rolled steel
Air gap 1.5mm