Temperature sensor for dyno controllers


General purpose NTC temperature sensor with pull-up resistor for air temperature measurement.


The air temperature sensor can be used to measure ambient air temperature for power correction. It also can be used to measure intake air temperature or any other temperature in range -40C to 125C. The sensor is tuned for maximum accuracy at 25°C. The sensor is equipped with high-quality cable, resistant to high temperatures and oils.

The sensor is terminated with DC series controllers compatible connector, and it can be plugged directly to one of the controller’s analog inputs.

To set up the sensor, go to SETTINGS/Dyno/Analog Input and:

  • Select Quantity: temperature
  • Click Temperature Sensor Wizard
    • Select Sensor type: NTC
    • Select Preset: PEREK TS1 temperature sensor
    • Click OK to save characteristic

To use the sensor for power correction, go to SETTINGS / Power correction and select it as Temperature source.

Temperature range -40℃ ÷ 125℃
Sensor type NTC Thermistor, ±1%, 10kOhm@25℃ with 10kOhm 0.1% pull-up resistor
Self heating error with no air flow +0.4℃
Accuracy for 10℃ ÷ 50℃ range ±1℃

Additional information

Cable length

1m, 5m