Two CSV Requests

1) Automatic saving of runs to csv. I find that I’m often using meglogviewer to review the CSV data from runs. Would it be possible to have an option to automatically export a CSV for every run and set default sample period for the automatic export.

2) Probably less needed if 1 is implemented, but it would be helpful to be able to right click a run from a project and export to CSV vs having to load the run to the analyze tab.

Provide an API to interface with python scripts

Hello, is it possible to add some kind of API that can call and be called by python scripts? That would provide custom use cases with possibility of running extra hardware, custom test sequences based on external triggers, sending realtime dyno data to external hardware/server etc. Possibilities are endless.

Desktop Number Widgets -Adjustment of Unit label font size

If possible I think it would be nice to have some control over the size of the unit label text in the number widgets.
I use quite large size widgets so I can clearly see the data I want from the drivers seat (chassis dyno), but I find the unit labels take up a whole lot more screen realestate than they really need too. My screen is 27# 1080P but I can only get channels across the width. On my last system I could fit 3 channels across and still comfortably read them. Even an option to turn the labels off would be good. While we are on the subject – maybe a choice of font for the number widget? I think some of me problem is the default font may be a little more difficult to read than my previous system so im using lager sizes. Neither of these are big concerns for me, just something I thought worth suggesting having more flexibility of fonts impacted performance or other functionality then I would be happy to just put up with it.

Provide a votable feedback system for the dyno community

Lets provide a feedback system for PEREK dyno users, where they can post their ideas and vote on other users ideas!