Case studies

ATV Dyno – Rafał Sonik

Polish entrepreneur and winner of the Dakar Rally

Rafał Sonik is a Polish entrepreneur who has been winning in quad rallies since 2001, including the famous Dakar Rally.


Rafał’s team independently built an inertial dynamometer dedicated to work on ATVs. The dyno is compact and convenient to carry when it is not needed. It is equipped with special ramps and mounting points designed for work with ATVs. The only thing missing was a measuring system. The inertia of the dynamometer rollers was known from the CAD program, but the inertia of additional elements rotating with the rollers was unknown.


The dyno was brought to life by a universal PEREK dyno controller. The inertia of a set of rollers and wheels of the quad was measured by accelerating the entire set with a falling weight on a line pulled through the pulley. The dynamometer is now ready to contribute to Rafał’s next successes.

Roller inertia measurement
Refał Sonik ATV dyno
ATV dyno measurement result