Case studies

Chassis dyno – Ecumaster

Automotive electronics manufacturer

Ecumaster is one of the fastest growing companies in the motorsport and tuning electronics industry. PEREK works closely with Ecumaster, developing intelligent electronic solutions for the automotive industry.


The dyno was controlled by software running on an outdated computer. Upgrading the computer was impossible due to the software’s compatibility only with specific computer components – motherboard and sound card. A failure of the dynamometer computer would result in the need to look for specific old components on the used parts market.


A PEREK dynamometer controller was used to control the dyno. The controller works with the already installed rotation sensor and toothed wheel. The dynamometer has been calibrated to the inertia of the rollers based on the settings from the old software. The controller is mounted on the back of the dyno TV and is equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The cabinet containing the previous desktop computer has become redundant.

ecumaster chassis dyno mini cooper R53