PEREK Dyno in TVN Turbo TV

Grzegorz Duda paid his visit on the PEREK dyno placed in Ecumaster workshop. Grzegorz needs no introduction, motoring fans know him from the programs of 101 repairs and “Garaż Dudy”. Artur Kisielwski, who operates the PEREK dyno, had the pleasure to help Grzesiek prepare the Mini for a duel with Adam Klimek.

Visiting the dynamometer created by Perek Dyno, tuning the car and uploading sports maps, was the icing on the cake in preparing the Mini for the final battle with Adam Klimek’s car.

You wonder who won and if the engine on the dynamometer did explode? We invite you to watch Klimek kontra Duda – odc. 10 sez. 1.